Ash From Nash

Ashley McCloskey grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and she's always had a passion for style and design. She loves exploring & experimenting with fashion! Ashley also finds joy in hands-on projects. Though these have all been side interests, as her career was mainly in Sales and Marketing. After marrying the man of her dreams they decided to make the move to Tennessee. It was a huge transition in her life and what started as their most exciting adventure became a very deep low. Ashley started dealing with depression and the days became difficult. In a desperation for connection & purpose she decided to start creating. She made her first pair of earrings for herself and it soon became a way to connect with her passions and then to a community. Ash From Nash became a life source for her and brought her hope in a time when she had lost herself.

Going forward, she has monumental dreams for Ash from Nash. Ashley hopes to expand her brand's impact by helping women in a hands-on way by having her company exist as a door to the fashion industry, a hub to teach strength, confidence, and design by way of example. Her heart is to create a company with designs that truly inspire people and bring hope to the hopeless.



Fleur Set