About Us

It all started when...

We decided to hold an art/craft event in the parking lot of our local church in Austin, TX. It was a way to help bring in funds for a newly renovated building, but it became a much loved event that brought in the community.

What started off with 12 vendors at our first event grew to over 40 vendors for our March 2020 event.

We're passionate about supporting creative people.

R. Carnie Littlefield

Owner/Manager of Maker's Market TN

R. Carnie loves to paint, write, and draw a lot. He also loves Ashley a LOT. Together, they work on a lot of different projects to create opportunities to enrich their local communities.

R. Carnie built this website, created a lot of the design and layout, and prints all the marketing tools in our shared studio space.

He's also planning on putting out a series of kids' coloring books focused on educational stories that share in the true history of this great country USA.

Ashley Littlefield

Owner/Manager of Maker's Market TN

In her spare time, Ashley loves checking out the fun murals around town, journaling, crafting and most of all, adores her sweet Husband.

After working various jobs with no real fulfillment, Ashley finds that her true passion is helping small businesses thrive. She loves working with each and every vendor to make sure that their experience is not only a fun one, but rewarding as well!

She also has a couple of other projects up her sleeve so stay tuned to the website for more details!

Established by R. Carnie and Ashley Littlefield, Maker's Market Tennessee is a great way to get involved in your community, and explore arts and crafts made by your own family, friends, and neighbors. The Littlefield's believe in helping everyone get their start as a Maker and found that a lot of events just expected everyone to know what they're doing. At the Maker's Market, we want to provide resources that make the entire experience comfortable as well as help you set clear expectations for your Market experience.


Our Promise To Our Makers

We want everyone to have a great time, and a great experience.

We're Makers too and we get it. We promise to help everyone as

much as we can, be it suggestions for equipment to pricing to

printing solutions.

​We're here to help you when we can.

- R. Carnie & Ashley Littlefield