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A note to our Makers:

July 17th, 2024 - 

Dear Makers! 

This is a public letter to all of you letting you know we are working on revamping how we're doing Maker's Market TN and hope to have some very exciting news coming soon.

Thank you for being Makers with us!

Love - 

R. Carnie & Ashley Littlefield


Register for an outdoor space for a 10'x10' tent
or just a 6' table space. Your choice! 

A craft market featuring local
crafters and makers of all kinds!

Saturdays from 9am - 1pm.

Want to be a Maker ?
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 "Small business owners supporting small business owners!"

Want to be a Maker?
Register Today!

What's a Market?

It's outside, it's fun, and it's all about the MAKERS. Tent and table spaces available for a small booth fee of $50 that helps us keep these things runnin'. Free popcorn and drinks for each Maker provided.

Thank you for making Maker's Market a remarkable event! We couldn't do this without the love and passion our Makers have for their craft and their family, friends, and fans!

What's a Maker?

Everyone can be a Maker! Do you have a hobby that you love? Do you paint, carve, work leather, work metal, write, draw, sculpt or work with your hands in some way? WE WANT TO MEET YOU!

Makers of all kinds and all ages! Yes, we encourage our little Makers too!  Please check our FAQ's below if you have any questions regarding your children's booth or eligibility. 

What's it NOT?

At Maker's Market TN, we ask that all crafts are handmade. Which means we don't want MLMs, pre-fabrication franchises, or corporate services like insurance. 

We seek to encourage passionate "Makers" who make things with their hands, who want to explore their own creations, and promote their small businesses.

We're small business owners supporting small business owners and we're passionate about showcasing you, the Makers!

 "Hand-Made Means Unique."

The goal of the Maker's Market is to bring
Makers together from across the globe.
New Makers or experienced Masters,
we'd love to have you in our community!

 $50 Booth Fee

Video from a previous Market. We love and support all kinds of Makers and their crafts!

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 Questions? Check our FAQ's right here:

"Can booths be shared by Makers?"

For Sure! We encourage Makers to join us in whatever format they are most comfortable. For Makers with a few items, sharing tables and a 12'x12' tent space might work out JUST FINE! Others may choose to use the entire space for themselves, that works too!

"What's the booth fee and what does it cover?"

We're so glad you asked! It takes Ashley and R. Carnie roughly two month's worth of work for each event. From coordinating the marketing to reaching out to Makers, we do it all because we're Makers ourselves and love sharing in artistic communities. Thank you for helping us keep this vision going!

The booth fee is $45 and includes a reserved space roughly the size of a 12'x12' tent. You will need to provide your own tent and tables/display materials.

"I'd like my children to join, what do I need to know?"

YES! THAT'S AWESOME! We're so excited to support Little Makers at our events! We do ask that Parents stay with them the entire event, at the table. Supervision and interaction at the event are the most important part of the experience. A Parental Disclosure Agreement must be signed prior to the event.

Children 12 and older encouraged to apply. 

"I serve food, what are the basics?"

YES!! We love our food Makers! Here are the most basic things you should have.

" It was a lovely Market, thank you so much for including me!"


"Thank you for all your effort to make this a great event!"


Venue: Brass Horn Coffee - 410 W Lytle St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130


currently seeking AMAZING VENUES in the Murfreesboro and surrounding areas. We'd love to work with you if you'd want to work with us and have an outdoor space to spare!

Get a chance to meet our regular Makers and learn their stories. These are Makers who have been with us for more than one event, returning Makers that we honor in their craft. Makers who don't have their own sites, social media, or a chance to update their stories; can rely on their small bio here courtesy of Maker's Market TN. 

Get to know Ashley & R. Carnie Littlefield below, as the first two Makers who created this whole shindig!

Craft & Planner Gal
Owner/Manager of Maker's Market TN

Painting, Drawing
Owner/Manager of Maker's Market TN

Owner of
Ash From Nash

Owner of
By Bee Designs

Want to learn more about the rest of our Makers? Check out the Makers Page!

Previous venue host: 

Brass Horn Coffee Co

410 W Lytle St. Murfreesboro, TN

This is our recurring Amazing Venues board. We appreciate all our awesome venues and how they've partnered with us in promoting small businesses and crafters! 

Currently seeking Venue partners in the Murfreesboro and surrounding areas!




Let us know if you'll be attending!